Foxtail Games is an indie gaming studio based out of Atlanta, Georgia. We’re developing the first mixed reality mobile game – Brave Explorers. Using customized game pieces that we've created, you can build a physical game level. After you’ve finished building your level, you can open the Brave Explorers app on your phone and bring the level to life through augmented reality. These augmented levels can be saved and shared with friends, bringing all the fun of toy sets and video games together.


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Led by Justin and Tyler, Foxtail is supported by an incredible team of artists, 3-D modelers and animators, and Unity game developers.
Justin Lennox
Justin Lennox

Co-Founder, Lead Developer

Prior software engineer at Bloveit and Apple.

    Tyler Puszewski
    Tyler Puszewski

    Co-Founder, Operations Lead

    Background in capital raising and investment banking.

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